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Decide in the Eyes

by Alex Harford

I don't know about this, I'm not so sure
Then I look into your eyes, everything is pure
The Victoria Falls, forest of Nepal
Mount Everest, the San Francisco Shore

I've climbed a mountain to reach the top
I'm not going to fall, like a waterfall drop
Hope is important, it keeps us on track
Once I've seen I shouldn't look back

I don't know about this, I'm not so sure
Then I look into your eyes, everything is pure

Perfect white snow on Christmas Day
A welcome wind always blowing my way
Natural springwater, perfectly clear
Nothing sinister has ever been near

I don't know about this, I'm not so sure
Then I look into your eyes, everything is pure

Soon we'll be gone, we'll be taken away
At least though together, we're here to stay
Decide in the eyes, it worked for me
Open your own, then maybe you'll see.

About this

"Decide in the Eyes" were probably the first decent lyrics I thought I'd written. I can't remember writing any at school, and whenever I'd tried before they were rubbish.

They were written after a friend asked me to help with his lyrics. Somehow I managed to fill the lines he was struggling with, and he was happy, so I thought "I'll have a go at this myself!" Decide in the Eyes came out almost as fast as I could type.

I replaced a reference to "a shiny new car" which didn't fit with the natural state of everything else and intend a rewrite - replacing "San Francisco shore" to something more natural too. I'm likely to cut words. I'm not a big fan of the second verse either and may delete it completely.

The title comes from an instrumental tune from the Big Blue circuits on Nintendo's F-Zero games:

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