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Hello, I'm Alex, a Technical SEO Consultant and Mentor based in Staffordshire, UK.

If you've found me and are looking for an SEO mentor/coach, audits, and/or advice on website migrations, feel free to contact me to discuss further. I'm often busy so despite being an SEO didn't make this page easy to find, but I may be available!

This page is mostly here to keep some of my favourite SEO articles in one place.

Twitter @AlexHarfordSEO / LinkedIn: AlexHarfordUK

SEO Articles and Podcast Appearances

Websites 101

(Search with Candour Podcast)
As I transitioned from Web Developer to Tech SEO, I realised my web dev background led me to take things for granted that aren't common knowledge, especially to new SEOs. This podcast aims to bridge some of that gap.

I listen to Search with Candour often, and it's the first podcast I recorded, so it felt a little surreal to be introduced by the familiar voice of Jack Chambers-Ward.

I had a bad cold when recording, so apologies for the occasional sniffles and couple of mind-blanks!

Learning SEO from Trusted Resources

(The SEO Mindset Podcast)
Is this content trustworthy? Learn more about figuring that out, with a focus on our cognitive biases and how they can subconsciously impact who and what we trust.

SEO Mindset is my most listened to work-related podcast, so I was delighted when co-host Sarah McDowell accepted my pitch. :-)

How to Use Chrome to View a Website as Googlebot

Moz was a massive influence in my career as I transitioned from Web Developer to Technical SEO, so I was excited to publish an article with them! It was their fifth most viewed of 2022.

10+ Reasons SEO and Website UX Are Related


Inline SVG Images: Page Speed & SEO Complete Guide


A Basic Log File Analysis for Small to Medium Websites



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