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by Alex Harford

I would not envisage this in a dreamy delusion -
it is not a hazy-hallucination!
Confirmed by sun shining from blue skies
beautifully blemished by white-wisps;
it''s a paradise I''d never imagined.

Serene sound;
Sprinkling, splashing, dousing, washing -
nourishing water hushing like silk over stone,
traversing without care, for it is free!
A smell so cool and fresh, cup your hands
and taste its innocence.

Air, water, flower and stone in harmony create perfection.
The Garden of Eden''s far-richer relation -
flourishes of heathers and trees and grass,
Shangri-La''s European cousin, but this one is real -
a green utopia of untouched elation.

If I wasn''t below the clouds,
I''d believe this was heaven.

To see the skies angered,
overcome by grey,
to see this gentle brute
escape its boundaries and power!
Rains fall – thunderstorm!
Water bounds,
coarse crashing irrigations
against a rocky facia floods the plain!

The falls have stolen my heart;
My heart can stay.

I was at Steall Falls in Scotland and inspired by its incredible beauty...only I'd lost my pen so couldn't write these thoughts down! Luckily it stayed with me and I wrote this poem a few days later when I got home. I'd written lyrics before, but this was the first time I wrote something I considered to be a poem.

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